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Lab testing

Lab testing

Lab testing

labtestingThere are two ways to test your toys, by self certification or, by having your toys tested by a lab.

Even when self certifying, you may want to test certain parts of your toy in the lab, who then give you a certificate stating whether it passed or not. You can usually test physical and flammability yourself, but most importantly there is one part that you cannot test at home yourself, and that is the migration of elements. To access these certificates you can either email manufacturers to see if they can help, join our fabulous community and buy certificates through us.

Of course, sometimes those certificates are not available if there is low demand, so you can look at testing the fabric yourself. Sending fabric samples to the lab can work out very expensive, each fabric sample can cost between £45-60, plus if they can’t determine the amount of chromium, it can cost more. This is per colour (to use due diligence for a small time maker to cover over a brand range, we test yellow,pink,blue and black, or  in prints, all of those on one sample) So you can see how the money adds up. However if you have found ‘the one’ its quite possible to get the sample tested yourself, and with luck, chromium won’t need determining and it’ll be a one off payment.
A sample for lab testing is usually a credit card size for normal fabric, occasionally for other items it may need an A4 size sample. You need to send your sample to an accredited lab for toy testing but do check with a few as you may save money.

Physical and Flammability

although these can mostly be tested at home by following our guide however if you’re not feeling confident(or worried about the house burning down 😉 )  you can use a lab to test either both or one of these. You may also choose to lab test if you are testing more tricky toys such as toys with hard parts – teethers, wooden toys etc.

Where to find a lab?
UKAS Accredited labs

Hopefully that helps clear up any questions on labs! Happy testing!

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