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Equipment – what is needed, and where to find it

Equipment – what is needed, and where to find it

Equipment – what is needed, and where to find it

Physical and Mechanical testing
The first steps into testing is finding the things you need, thankfully most things needed for soft toy testing can be found fairly easily by raiding your cupboards and sheds! However testing fancy dress does get a bit tricky in that specialist equipment may need to be made.clampsedit

Clamps – If you’ve got a woodworker in the family they may have these you can borrow, otherwise most hardwear stores sell them.  The pad of the clamp is ment to be 19mm, but this can be recreated with attaching a washer or penny if its not. A few favourite retailers are screwfix, wilkos and ebay.

S hooks – There again can be found at most hardware type stores, so add them to your shopping list when you get your clamps

Wooden spoon – Technically you’ll need the handle of of the spoon…but the whole spoon will do! You’ll probably find one in your kitchen 😉

Weighing scales – You’ll likely want to be able to weigh up to 9.2kg which most kitchen scales won’t, but bathroom scales or  weighing in parts and adding up is fine

A strong bag – A supermarket heavy duty woven bag usually does the trick

Weights – These can either be actual weights if you have them handy, or comprised of a selection of kitchen tins or heavy books to match the weight needed.

A camera – to record what and how you are testing and the result

Flammability testing

Please remember your safety always especially when it comes to fire! always have a second pair of hands.

A lighter – a long nosed lighter would be the safest option, add it to your hardware store list, or ebay has many.

Something to hold your toy on while you are burning it – this could be something to hang it on or clamp it to, something obviously fireproof (not your hands!!) BBQ tongs or similar do the job well.

A bucket of water – any will do,  a washing up bowl also can do the job with a wider surface area to drop the toy into.

A fire extinguisher or blanket – is probably a smart idea!


Flammability testing for Fancy dress

14650096_10153778190576114_114057641429166743_n14721565_10153778190581114_3776332584390096423_nFlammability for fancy dress is a little different from normal toy flammability testing, as a rig is needed to hold the fabric in. The lovely people in our groups have found that 2 metal sheets cut to the dimensions for the rig, clamped together, or 2 metal frames with bolt holes to be screwed together creates a great rig for testing fancy dress on. We don’t currently have a pack for testing fancy dress, but you can check out the EN71-2 yourself on the free resources page under the university links.16522946_1203825359667395_1877214664_n

The pictures to the left are an example of a home made rig belonging to Emma in our community group.
Pictures to the right are of the rig belonging to Tulle Box Creations both are made up to the EN71-2 specifications.

Thank you to both of them for sharing their pictures!