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Discussion Groups

Join our Community on Facebook!

We have a couple of Facebook groups you can join.

One is a Basic / Entry level group.

It’s open to all as a free group for people to find out more about the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective and to decide if it’s the right path for them to complete their CE journey as a paid member. It’s not a moderated support group and should it grow too large or unwieldily to manage as happened previously with the CE Chatter Group, we will think about replacing or capping those with access.





You can access the Community level facebook group by becoming a member or by signing in below.

We wanted to develop a community for handmade makers going through the CE marking process, but we also want to do more than just field discussions on facebook or sell test results by email. So we thought very hard and the idea developed and evolved into a Collective, which seemed a natural progression. We started originally on Facebook and we still find that using community based groups there are a key part of what makes our Community great.

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