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Your CE Journey

So you’ve realised your toys need to be CE Marked?

Congratulations on realising your toy products require testing to EN71 to conform to Toy Safety Directives and be CE Marked to sell within the EU. By finding out more about CE marking you are taking the first step to achieving this. It may seem very daunting at first but the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective and our community are here to help you just as we have hundreds of other handmade toy makers.

We have 3 very knowledgeable consultant directors and many experienced members in the minefield of CE Marking to help you achieve compliance for your toy products.

The pages here will help to provide a basis and background to CE Marking and by choosing to become a member yourself you will gain invaluable access to much more support and resource to help you complete your testing and legally required documentation. As a member you can pay for EN71-3 test results and access discussions via the forum. Within our various membership options is a wealth of resources, knowledge and best practices.


Getting Started with CE Marking your handmade toys

Lots of makers have been down the CE marking path and dealt with varying levels of frustration and overwhelm at the prospect and actuality of becoming CE marked. Whatever stage you are at on the CE journey the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective can help you.

If you are a relative newcomer to CE marking and the Toy Safety Directives we can help you get your head around what you need to consider and do to bring your toy product up to a CE marked standard.

If you are in process of CE marking we can help you with defining or refining your manufacturing procedures, developing your technical file and declaration of conformity as well is supporting you through the process of testing your toy.

If you have already CE marked, but find it hard keeping up to date on standards and on paperwork, we can help with best practices, consultancy, peer support, as well as pricing, marketing and business input.


Introduction to CE Marking

Congratulations on realising your toy products require testing to EN71 to conform and be CE Marked to sell within the EU and taking the first step to achieving this. It may seem very daunting at first but the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective and our community are here to help you just as we have hundreds before you.

You do not have to go through this process alone, we are here to help our members!

CE Marking is used for many products including for our purpose toys. It shows that the manufacturer, you, has checked that the toy product meets the EU safety requirements, it provides indication of the toys compliance with EU legislation and allows the free movement of the toy within the EU market.

Only items covered by specific legislation should bare the CE mark and this is why you may see it on electrical items for example as they too are covered by a different European directive to the Toy Safety Directive which you follow to CE Mark a toy items. Only items covered by such a directive may bare the CE mark and it is illegal to place the CE mark on items which do not require it i.e. blankets, bibs and clothing do not require CE marking.

As the manufacturer you are responsible for:

  • Carrying out the testing of the toy product either via an accredited lab or yourself (self certification – which we are here to help you with).
  • Completing and maintaining the technical file.
  • Completing and issuing the Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
  • Ensuring the correct labelling and inclusion of the correct CE mark on your toy product.


Next steps…

Take a look at our free resources section and the FAQ to answer many of your burning questions. Members can also access steps to becoming CE Marked, a free CE marking mini guide and access to the paid for testing packs, resources and purchase EN71-3 test data for a variety of materials.

With the help of the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective you will be able to CE mark your toy product. Take a look at the Member Options to see the differing levels of membership and support offered.



Does my item need a CE mark?

The following flow chart will help you to determine if your item requires testing and a CE mark with regards to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.


Paths to CE Mark - which Route will you choose?


1. Laboratory Testing

You can send your toy product and each subsequent toy to an accredited testing lab to carry out the testing and create a report for you. The lab can perform the physical (Part 1), flammability (Part 2) and Migration of heavy metals (Part 3) on your toy item. There are several labs available to send your toy and the pricing varies but it will cost you hundreds per toy type you wish to produce and into the thousands if you were to have them chemically test several materials for EN71-3 as all external components by each manufacturer you wish to use requires chemical testing.


2. Combination of Laboratory Testing and CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective

You could also just request the laboratory to complete your physical and flammability testing and join the CE Marking Handmade Toy Collective in order to gain access to the EN71-3 results to purchase, which if you have only one toy type could work well for you, however, if your item fails and requires modification you'd then have to pay again to have your toy tested a second time and so it could continue. This also applies if you make any major changes that will require testing and of course if you later decide to make a new toy type will you again choose this route?


3. Self Certification with help and guidance from CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective

You can carry out all the testing yourself at home. This may sound scary or daunting but with the help and support of the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective and our members you will successfully test your item, complete your technical file and affix the correct labelling to your toy item. We provide testing packs to help you to perform the required testing, resources to help you to create your technical file, sample declarations of conformity and access to purchase EN71-3 data.

The cost of self certifying is far lower than of sending your toy off to a lab and once you've completed testing on one toy you will be able to test further toy designs at a minimal cost as you will already have everything to hand and more experience and knowledge. However we would still be here to help guide you further where necessary and providing new results for new materials you may wish to use.

Community members will also receive extra support from our company directors and its members via the forum so if you have any questions or queries you can post them there. As a community member you can also vote on what new materials we test so if you require something that has not yet been tested this would be your opportunity to put it forward. There will also be access to online courses via the community member option to help you to comply with legislation.

A further explanation of the benefits of membership and the different tiers can be found here.


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