Featured Maker – The little craft mouse | CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective

Featured Maker – The little craft mouse

Featured Maker – The little craft mouse

Featured Maker – The little craft mouse

12919876_1066828760068792_1867567707686667690_nWhat is your website and/or facebook page?

www.thelittlecraftmouse.co.uk www.facebook.com/thelittlecraftmouse

What do you make? How do you sell?

Crochet animals, fabric dolls, fabric animals – Stock on my website and etsy

How did you find out about CE Testing toys?

Through a toy safety web blog. I first decided not to make toys. Had a few requests from friends so I looked into it and joined this group

Did you have to alter your designs to fit the en71? 

The choice of fabrics I was using had a slight effect on what I did. I’m more careful how I make them.

12507132_1019385788146423_2566772740056944795_nWhat advice would you offer to makers that are new in the process of CE marking their own toy design?

Take your time and don’t be put off. Ask the group they are so helpful.

What are you plans for the future?


The little Craft Mouse makes these lovely crochet cup cosies too!

I am trying to make myself look more professional and determined to make it more of a business and less of a hobby.

Is there anything you wished you’d know about CE Marking earlier, EN71 regulations or making your own designs and products?

That they existed. That they aren’t shouted about more often.

What do you enjoy most about what you make?

The thought of a child having a new play friend to treasure

Did you encounter any CE marking blocks? (eg denial, material difficulty, money blocks, procrastination or others!) how did you get through them?

Procrastination is something I struggle with. It doesn’t help that I have two young child10373839_713660822052256_3407520011554763941_nren (one is in pre school and the other in school) that stop me in my flow. Hopefully come September I will have a chance when both are in school.

What item/project are you most proud of?

Fabric Dino and Crochet Bubble Bunny



Don’t forget to pay her a visit, and a like to her page! Such sweet dinosaurs!