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Featured Maker – The Dotty Tree

Featured Maker – The Dotty Tree

Featured Maker – The Dotty Tree

dottytree3What is your website and/or facebook page?


What do you make?

Unique soft toys – dolls, bunnies, monsters, unicorns, elves, reindeers and few others little creations.

How did you find out about CE Testing toys?

When I first starting making toys over, 3 years ago, a lady enquirer about one of my designs and the fabric I was using. She was already CE marking her toys so she explained that I needed to make sure my fabrics and designs were safe and tested. I was upset that I hadn’t realised this before (I’d been double stitching seams etc to ensure bits didn’t fall off but had never thought about the chemicals in fabrics.) and set off on a mission to find out more. This led me to the original CE making support group. I’ve been here ever since.

Did you have to alter your designs to fit the en71? 

I didn’t have to alter my original designs much at all, it was the fabrics I had to change. Any designs created since have always been created with my knowledge of en71 in mind.

What advice would you offer to makers that are new in the process of CE marking their own toy design?

It seems like a very long insurmountable journey at the start but the ce marking website and group hold an amazing amount of super useful information and guidance.

What are you plans for the future?

dottytree4I’d love to make my business bigger, I would like to improve my designs and develop a few more. I’d like to buy an embroidery machine to allow me to add names and embroidered faces and pictures to my designs. I’d also like to develop my own website with my creations, design ideas, ideas for things to make and do with children and more.

Is there anything you wished you’d know about CE Marking earlier, EN71 regulations or making your own designs and products?


What do you enjoy most about what you make?

I have always loved making things but I particularly love making my toys as they are unique. I love that they are unique. I love the reaction of children to receiving them too.

Did you encounter any CE marking blocks? (eg denial, material difficulty, money blocks, procrastination or others!) how did you get through them?dottytree2

Haha all of the above list. Upset, denial, giving up, difficulty finding fabrics, lack of money to get things tested lots of procrastination (this is ongoing and holds me back from developing my business). I think I just decided if I was going to keep making I had to find a way of making it work. I have to admit though I dottytreewouldn’t have made it without the ce marking group.

How do you sell?

I usually make my items to order, although I am trying to build up a range of available toys/dolls.

What item/project are you most proud of?

I love my Christmas elves the most I think. I think they are the cutest.

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