The CE marking blocks and me | CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective

The CE marking blocks and me

The CE marking blocks and me

The CE marking blocks and me

IMG_2615_edited-2When I first started my little doll making business,  I was admittedly blissfully ignorant of CE marking and what it meant for me. I’m a ‘by the book’ kind of person, so finding out that I was actually breaking the law if I sold my dolls made me very anxious indeed. I then went through various stages of fear and denial.

Firstly was: There must be a way around this. Can I sell as decorations or label not a toy or something? Why in the world do I need to do the same thing as huge manufacturers? This is ridiculous.

Then came: I’m giving up doll making.    I can’t do this.

Next was:  Ok maybe I should just read about this and see if i can understand any of it… SO.MANY.BIG.WORDS. *headache*

And then: What do you mean I’ve got to change ALL my fabrics! I’ve just spent £80 on fabric I can’t use? I’ll NEVER find what I need…. I can’t afford this!

And not forgetting: I’ve got to spend all that time making something to just destroy it! How can I get around this/do the minimum? What a joke. This isn’t fair! XYZ just sells stuff anyway!

Then a shift happened. I can do this, I can just try it. I found my fabrics, I got my equipment and I tested something. It was easier and less dramatic than I thought. Even the burning bit.

Then PROCRASTINATION! Paperwork…oh the dreaded paperwork. I’ll just clean the house top to bottom and mow the lawn… and sort out those pictures I’ve been meaning to do and…and.. and eventually I realised that If I just sat down and did the paperwork it would be done and I could stop doing the housework to get out of it.

And then labelling…(which is the fun bit for me!) And there I had it. a whole CE marked toy.

Do you recognise any of those blocks in yourself? Where have you got to?

Some people will be lost at every CE marking stage block, but that doesn’t have to be you! If you’re passionate about making beautiful and safe toys, we’re here to help you!

Whatever block you’ve hit so far, shout out for help in our groups and we’ll do our best to move you forward. In addition, if you see a fellow toymaker in need, and you’re ahead of where they are, by sharing your experience and tips it can make the world of difference – it’s what makes the ‘collective’.  As admin we have access to the EN71 to guide you for those tricky bits or for a unusual toys so as your designs  move forward and change we can check out anything you’re stuck on.

Not to mention the fabric testing to widen the fabrics you can use within your designs!  Don’t forget to join the community group to get the most out of your membership.

Pop us a comment in the facebook box if you’ve encountered a block, or found ways to over come them – we hope to have a overcoming blocks tips post in the future! (include your facebook link!)