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UKCA marking, and new chemical regulations

UKCA marking, and new chemical regulations

UKCA marking, and new chemical regulations

Hello! Apologies for the radio silence, both Laura and I have been very busy with general life and work, and we thank you for your patience in answering questions and emails, as well as questions in the community and entry level group.

Changes are afoot I’m afraid!

Brexit and the new UKCA marking

Due to Brexit, there is to be a new mark for our toys – the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) this mark is due to come in when we leave the EU. The will be a transition period from November 1st in which the CE mark will still apply, but thereafter the new UKCA mark will need to applied. The CE mark will still apply if you are selling in Europe, but for UK sales the UKCA will replace the CE as confirmation that your toy meets the relevant standards (BS EN71 for toys) as far as I’m aware  there isn’t any other changes in terms of testing, aside from the new chemical regulations update. (personally I think they just did this to mess up our company name ;)!)

There will be a bit of an update on the technical file with the declaration of conformity to say that it applies to UKCA as well as CE.
More information can be found here 

New Chemical regulations

You are probably aware by now that there are new chemical regulations, these come in mid November with the new lower chromium limit – going from the lower 0.2 limit down to 0,053 mg/kg. The other changes are more for the lab side – to help the testing be more accurate. This obviously is a bit of a headache for us, although the latest change to the lower limit has already become available in the lab the rest of the new standard isn’t ready, the actual standards won’t be harmonised (enforced) until next year, leaving us stuck in the middle of wondering whether to go ahead and test or wait until the 2019 standards become harmonised to save testing funds in case of having to retest all again!

In the mean time anything ‘on the market’ before the 18th November is still fine to be sold, and as small time makers it won’t be humanly possible to have everything ready without spending thousands of pounds, so in my personal (but mostly unprofessional) opinion, try not to overly panic here. However hold out on buying any testing results until you know they have been updated or at least have the lower chromium limit.

That’s all for now!



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