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Feature Maker – The Crafty Elm

Feature Maker – The Crafty Elm

Feature Maker – The Crafty Elm

Welcome to our new feature posts, showcasing some of our talented makers from our premium group! We’ll be asking a few questions on their businesses, CE marking and how it works for them. Do pop by their pages as we work through them, give them a ‘like’ and do some networking…you might make a friend!

This week we’ll be showing the work of The Crafty Elm, a doll and soft toy maker.

Where can we find you/how can we buy?

I have stock in my etsy store www.etsy.co.uk/thecraftyelm or to email thecraftyelm@outlook.com or contact through the  facebook page to discuss a custom doll.

How did you find out about CE marking? What was your response?

I was asked by a friend to design some toys for her business and through research for that I found out about CE marking. Felt a little scared at first but came across self cert facebook page (as it was at the time) and s11206107_433774046795580_4593139612561340437_noon realised it was quite doable!

Did you have to alter your designs to fit the en71? How do you design your toys with the en71 in mind now?

As we started the journey knowing about the en71, I have elements of it in my mind as I design, for what will and won’t be allowed. Also now I have been doing it for a number of years, you get an idea of what shapes/fabrics will work when designing.

What advice would you offer to makers that are new in the process of CE marking their own toy design?


We love these ‘tell a story’ toys!

Don’t be scared! It can feel over whelming at first. Find someone to read it though with you and even help when doing the tests! My Husband is great for this!

What are you plans for your business in the future?

Continue to grow organically through word of mouth and build on my collections of styles that I offer. I will have more time once all my children are in school to give even more time to the toys.

What do you enjoy most about what you make?

I love receiving a picture or message about how much a child is enjoying their toy! That makes it all worth while. I do love buying the fabric too though ! 😉

Did you encounter any CE marking blocks? (eg denial, material difficulty, money blocks, procrastination or others!) how did you get through them?

Procrastination! 🙂 Get Husband on board to keep me on track! He helps me with the paperwork and keeping of records.


Daddy Dolls By The Crafty Elm

What item/project are you most proud of?

My family dolls specifically the Daddy doll. My children love their Daddy dolls and I wanted others to have that chance! I love designing the customs that have great individual elements that make it unique to that family.