Feature Maker -Kathy's sewn Label | CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective

Feature Maker -Kathy’s sewn Label

Feature Maker  -Kathy’s sewn Label

Feature Maker -Kathy’s sewn Label

tooth fairy pillow

tooth fairy pillow

Welcome to another feature post, this week we’re focusing on Kathy’s Sewn Label who makes some really lovely little items.

What do you make?

Miniature Bedding and Soft Furnishings to fit Sylvanian Families /Calico Critters Tooth Fairy Cushions. Personalised Pencil Cases ( plus also  Wedding Ring Cushions and Personalised Christmas Stockings)

How did you find out about CE marking? What was your response?

Daughter who works at John Lewis Head Office told me about Toy Safety Standards. Initial response was stress!

Did you have to alter your designs to fit the en71? How do you design your toys with the en71 in mind now?

Main alteration was in using only compliant fabric, threads and trimmings. Also made seam allowances bigger and stitch sizes smaller Changed packaging design from simple polythene bag to perforated polythene with card detailing photo, model no, safety information and necessary CE mark

Do you have akathys2ny advice for new toy makers?

Don’t Panic! Join The CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective, ask for advice and network. Take your time to fully understand requirements. Do it properly, you will then feel pride in your products.

What are you plans for the future?

Have just opened Etsy shop so hoping that increases sales. Having supplied items to The Sylvanian Shop last year, ( though it was a boost to my confidence and a good experience) I have decided to only supply direct to individual clients, so there is no pressure to cut costs and I can still enkathys3joy giving a personal service.

What do you enjoy most about what you make?

The wonderful feedback from customers regarding quality of workmanship, and their repeat orders!

Did you encounter any CE marking blocks?

Competitors not CE marking, I find it frustrating, but I know they will eventually have to comply. The cost of CE marking which means high start up costs, so first and part of second year little profit. Just coming good now.

kathysHow can people buy from you?

Custom, and stock items through Etsy, Ebay, Facebook and Direct

What item are you most proud of?

The Miniature Gingham Carrycot and Bedding Sets

Please do take a moment to check out Kathy’s sewn label and network!  We just love those tiny little carry cots! (reminds me of being little again and getting sylvanians for my birthday! – Suzi)