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One of a kind toys/design your own toy

One of a kind toys/design your own toy

One of a kind toys/design your own toy

Fairly often one of a kind toys come up, they’re always much loved and these nothing better than a toy which really is one of a kind, especially designed by little ones themselves! CE marking as usual puts a tricky red tape around these things, as keeping things safe for children means extra testing, and if its one of a kind…well the intention is to make one 😉


Two of a kind instead! one for testing, one for sale by Little bumps

Is it possible to make one of a kind toys to CE mark?

Yes and No. Yes of course its totally possible, if you were to make test toys for your one off toy, and test those, however that is labour intensive, and thus very costly, which you would have to pass on to your customer. For a one off special toy,  that may be worth it, but if you intend to make a business this way it puts your costs high and gives you extra work.

How can I do this without making a ton of testing toys?

The trick to this is to make one base toy, and test variations on that basic toy, to give you more space for design. By testing all the basic variations and cross referencing your paperwork, it limits your paperwork and your test toys (however remember that any major change will need retesting if it effects flammability/stability etc)
Each variation will need its own paperwork in a combined file,and each toy (such as dog,cat, bear etc) a declaration of conformity, until you have all the paperwork to cover every design, obviously there will still be a good amount of paperwork, and you are limited to a basic design set, but smaller variations are possible with limited testing as long as they don’t affect flammability (see variations link) such as applique and embroidery.

Can I just say its a keepsake/collectors item and not a toy?

needCEmarkIts very unlikely that your toy-like item can be classed as collectors item, nearly all items which look like toys are classed as toys in the eyes of the law. Check out the flow chart to the left to see where your item places.

Thinking about memory  or keepsake items made with clothing? click the link to find out more on these complex items.







Pictures by Emma of The Crafty Mouse

Design a cuddle by Emma Chapman (a crafty mouse)
Emma has designed her own design a cuddle colour in sheet, so children can colour in their design, and she can do her best to match up compliant fabric,  this way her original test toy is done and tested, and as she uses the same fabric type for each toy, she doesn’t need to retest each time for flammability/strength.

Special thanks to Emma of The crafty mouse for her pictures today!



Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on what you can do for your one of a kind toys! Good luck!