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We know the CE journey can seem daunting at times.
If you've just found out about the EU legislation or are already CE marked, but having trouble keeping on top of your tests and paperwork, you might feel overwhelmed.

We know you think it's important to make sure that toys are safe and that you might be worried about what you have to change or learn about CE marking. We know that the idea of Toy Safety Directives, harmonised standards, EN71, technical files and declarations of conformity seem like a headache. We know because we've all been at the start of the CE journey too and we remember.

We wanted to develop a community for handmade makers going through the CE marking process, but we also want to do more than just field discussions on facebook or sell test results by email.

So we thought very hard and the idea developed and evolved into a Collective, which seemed a natural progression.

Getting started with CE

If you are new to CE marking have a read through these sections of the site. You can also access content and membership information from the menu above.

New to CE Marking?

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Free Resources

CE marking Handmade Toys

The CE marking process is very procedural and matter of fact once you get your head around things. You can self-certify. We have some amazing resources and guidance to help you on your CE journey.

You can of course find a lot of this information yourself online by visiting the European Commission website. We've found though that many makers really benefit from CE marking within a community and by having the required legislation explained in a understandable way.

CE Marked Makers

Our handmade makers in these case studies are all CE marked. They understand the value of self certifying their toys and how this translates into better products, better quality outcomes and the assurance that their toys are as safe as possible.

Mrs H Makes & More


Munchkin Muñecas


Fairyknowz Poplins


Monster Orphanage

Our Community & Team

We have members in many different areas of handmade toy making and specialising in different products such as dolls, teepees, soft toys, etc.





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