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Membership Fees / Join

Join the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective

Thanks to all the new and returning members who have helped us celebrate our 2nd birthday! We love the influx of new members and upgrades that we get this time of year. The CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective is a pretty close-knit group and it’s been great to see the number of Premium lifetime members grow over the past year since being introduced. We wouldn’t be able to offer what we do without your support!

Memberships Available:

There are currently two membership options available to join the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective.

You can choose from…

→ Premium Membership ~ £325 – one off payment for lifetime membership

→ Community Membership ~ £25 every 3 months or £100 every year

Why join the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective?

You know what you should be doing to CE mark, but maybe you’re not sure how to start, follow through or keep up to date with everything. Maybe you just want to be part of something cutting edge and keep your toy making business up to date.

You’ll get epic results by showing up, doing the work, being part of the community and showing you believe and want to invest in yourself.

Your membership can be paused, reactivated, upgraded or downgraded very easily.

Perhaps you’ve got parts of the process complete or you understand parts, but feel overwhelm.

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes, but taking a step by step approach can really help as can being part of an amazing community with access to an every growing knowledge base.


Join the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective now
by filling in the following:



Please note that this transaction will appear on your bank statement as “STRIPE” (our payment gateway) and / or “CEMARKINGTOYS”.

The transaction may appear as “Stripe” while pending, then be replaced by “CEMARKINGTOYS” within about 48 hours. Please refer to the terms and conditions at sign up and ensure that you have sufficient funds available to honour the transaction.

As a new user we manually activate each member account once you have subscribed. This is so that we can personally set your permissions and it also gives us an opportunity first hand to approve your membership. We aim to have a responsive approach to our members and you can always contact us at We need to manually update your details and apply your forum username and permissions. You’ll see a different status message on the Welcome page when we have updated your account and role permissions on the website. This normally takes up to 48hrs or if it’s over a holiday or weekend can be up to 5 working days. We’ll update your forum username at the same time and you may not be able to access or manage your account fully until it has been manually approved, but you will be able to browse the website, purchase test results and read the Getting Started information in the meantime.



Community Level – £25 per quarter or £100 per year

> Access to pay on demand products
> Purchase EN71-3 test result(£10 – £15)
> Purchase CE Marking Guide (£37)
> CE Marking Bootcamp + Markalong course included
> Membership payments reoccur
> Annual payment available
> Access to the Community Facebook group
> Access via admin to latest EN71 standards from bsi
> Make EN71-3 testing contributions & suggestions
> Group QA sessions & CE surgeries
> Support along with purchases
> Member only mailing list and editorial
> Membership pausing or upgrades available


Premium Level – 1x £325 payment

> One off membership payment (no re-billing or further charges for content)
> Lifetime access to the website, groups and content*
> All material test results inclusive – we are currently retesting to the new 2019 standard.
> Inclusive access to £000’s of EN71-3 lab costs
> Your business promoted on our FB page & website
> CE Marking Guide included (£37)
> Any future guides or content we create included
> All Community level member benefits & features included


*Lifetime access granted. While CEMHTC is trading as a business. Normal T&Cs of membership apply.
Price is subject to review for new members so may rise in subsequent years as content & services evolve.


Memberships, Cooperative testing & EN71-3 test results

Membership fees are based on your access to the website and testing budgets will depend on the overall member uptake and passive income that is generated by purchases of test results, guides and online courses.

Consultation from the latest EN71 Standards

We are really pleased to have consultant access to the latest EN71-1 and EN71-2 legislation by being a member of BSI, which means we can advise and check relevant clauses or areas direct from the actual legislation:

– EN71-1:2014+A1:2018 (Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties)
– EN71-2:2011+A1:2014 (Part 2: Flammability)

We think this is a huge deal as we can consult to members from these standards so if Community members have something they need clarified we can refer to the standards and provide advice via the forum and wiki. We felt this was the best way to access the legislation as licensing fees to share and download the relevant legislation would have cost upwards of £66,000 or £178 per member, per standard.


Unsure if Membership is for you?

If you’re unsure on whether to join or not our About page will give you a better idea of the ideology and aims of the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective, which in turn will help you decide if it’s a community you would like to be a part of.

For details on what’s included in each membership level, read further below on this page.

You’re SUITED to being a member if you’re:

– Passionate about making your dreams and your ideas for toy making a reality.

– Willing to do the work you need to and putting yourself out there.

– Genuinely caring about getting your product CE marked and safe into the hands of those little ones. You owe it to them and yourself.

– Ready to build your business and toy range your way. It’s not just down to selling stuff. You have a gift to give and impact to make.

– Finished making excuses about why you can’t CE mark and complete your documentation.

– Interested in investing in yourself and your products. You understand that sometimes it pays to make a leap of faith. You appreciate the difference between being savvy and having faith.

– Aware that making a profit isn’t a bad thing. You’re interested in the opportunity of being paid to contribute to the community, by helping to develop a valuable shared knowledge base or being commissioned to create articles and content if you have particular specialisms and knowledge to share.

– You appreciate that value doesn’t just apply to a price point. The value of what you are receiving is far greater than what you are paying out to receive it. Value isn’t just a monetary thing. It applies to time, information, ideas, community, actions, advice, etc, etc, etc…

– You know that the value of your membership will leave you feeling far, far richer than the £8.33 a month you’d be shelling out as a Community member. Better yet, it’s ALL INCLUSIVE and paid for with Premium membership.

– You want to show the world and yourself you can do this and a bit of red tape will not beat you!

– Once you’ve completed your CE journey and with the right marketing know how, support and advice, you know you’ll make your membership back (and then some!).

You’re NOT SUITED to being a member if:

– You think you’re guaranteed to get CE marked, like magic, just by signing up.

– You’re lazy, can’t commit and are terrible at following through.

– You’re not willing to invest time, money or energy in yourself, your business, your future, your toys or ideas.

– You don’t really think you need to CE mark. You’re just joining so you can pretend to. This isn’t the same thing at all as finding it challenging and not being sure how to proceed. You are legally obliged to create a technical file and declaration of conformity, which MUST include proving you comply to the Toy Safety Directives.

– You’re impatient and expect to be CE marked just like that without doing any work and have instant overnight success. Growing an authentic business and toy range involves connecting and building lasting relationships. You get out what you put in.

– You think cheap is good. You think affordable isn’t about setting priorities, but about getting by on minimums of effort and not investing in yourself, whether your time, money or whatever other excuse you can think of.

– You can’t afford or are not willing to pay a measly minimum Community Membership of £8.33 a month. If that’s the case you may need to alter you mindset, consider your own priorities and self worth, alongside your willingness to invest in your business and your work. You’ll gain much more from the Community level at almost double that. What else do you normally spend up to £8.33 a month on and how does it compare in terms of value and worth for you personally?

Check out the About Page for more on this and understand better what you and your membership here are worth. It really will help you decide if the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective is the right fit for you, whatever your level as a toy maker or your place on the CE Journey. If not that’s ok too, as we wouldn’t want you to be part of the Collective if it doesn’t line up with what you want to gain from your CE journey and your toy making business.

If you feel you’ll fit in and align well as part of the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective then Yay! We can’t wait to get to know you and your business and of course your toys on the other side!

When you look back at your CE Journey, what story are you going to tell?

Toy making Superstar or overwhelmed and finished before you even really started?

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