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Order the CE Marking Guide

The CE Marking Guide has launched!

You can order the CE Marking Guide, which includes everything you need to complete the CE Marking self-certification testing process, as well as supporting documentation templates and checklists for your soft toy product.


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*If you are outside the UK you’ll need to pay additional VAT, based on your country of purchase. This is due to requirements for VAT on automated digital files – so with VAT potentially a further 17-27% depending on your location if you are within the EU, but out with the UK.


or… Pre-order the CE Marking Guide + CE Mark-along Course Bundle

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~ £100

The CE Mark-along course last 8 weeks, starting 21st September and including 2 catch up implementation weeks at the middle and end.


>> Order the CE Marking Guide + CE Mark-along Course Now for ~ only £100


What happens when you order?

When you order the CE Marking Guide, you’ll be able to download the CE Marking Guide as a .zip file, which includes the 30+ page pdf guide, all the testing checklists as pdfs you can fill in on screen or print out, plus the technical file and declaration on conformity .doc templates.

If you purchase the CE Marking Guide + the CE Mark-along Course Bundle, you’ll also be enrolled in the CE Mark-along Course

What is the CE Marking Guide?

The CE Marking Guide from the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective is intended to be the best CE self-certification guide available online. It’s designed to help handmade soft toy makers to ensure their toy products are compliant and their paperwork and manufacturing workflow are in order. The CE Marking Guide is professionally laid out and includes Procedural Checklists, Testing Checklists, template documentation including the Technical File and Declaration of Conformity. It covers all areas of CE Marking in relation to Soft Toys and adhering to the requirements of the Toy Safety Directives. CEMHTC_CEmarkingguide_v1_1-2 CEMHTC_CEmarkingguide_v1_5-6

Ready to CE Mark?

We know that the CE journey can seen daunting at times and if you’ve just found out about the EU legislation or are already CE marked, but having trouble keeping on top of your tests and paperwork, you might feel overwhelmed. We know that you think it’s important to make sure that soft toys are safe and that you might be worried about what you have to change or learn about CE marking. It’s honestly not that scary, if you work in a procedural manner and use the resources and information available in this guide.

Included in the CE Marking Guide

The CE Marking Guide is intended to be used to help you CE mark and self certify your own soft toy products to the requirements of the Toy Safety Directives (ie. stuffed knitted / crocheted or fabric based toys, which must be suitable from birth). The CE Marking Guide provides you with the information you need to self-certify, as well as procedural and testing checklists, plus step by step instructions and document templates for your technical file and declaration of conformity. The CE Marking Guide is broken down into easy to digest sections and sub-sections. In addition to the text based guidance the CE Marking Guide also includes a number of checklists and procedural documents you can use or adapt from. Any testing or procedural PDFs can be autofilled, which means you can fill them in onscreen, re-save and print out. Or you can print and work from paper copies, depending on what your prefer. For any autofill pdfs, we recommend you save a copy of each file before completing, so that you will always have existing blank templates you can work from when creating and CE marking new prototypes.

– CE Marking Guide Contents & Overview – Overall text based guidance – Explanation of CE Marking issues

> Procedural Checklist > Risk Assessment Checklist

– Testing Checklists > Physical & Mechanical Tests Checklist > Flammability Tests Checklist > Safety Requirements Checklist

– Document Templates  > Technical File template  > Declaration of Conformity template

– Small Parts Container Template – Additional Guidance on Manufacturing Traceability  


>> Click to Order the CE Marking Guide Now ~ £28

I’ve already CE Marked. Is this CE Marking Guide for me?

Even if you have already CE Marked a toy or toys we feel you’ll have a lot to gain by purchasing and working from the CE Marking Guide. As well as an introduction and explanation of CE marking and how to CE mark your toy designs or prototypes, the CE Marking Guide also covers areas like adding variations or adapting your designs, as well as your overall quality assurance and manufacturing processes and production methodology.

Just because you are CE marked, doesn’t mean it’s the end of your CE journey. In fact, when you think about it, it’s really the very beginning as you move forward creating and selling as a CE marked handmade toy maker. The way you organise, document and your procedural approach to both your paper trail and the way you audit your manufacturing and selling process, only starts to come into play at the point that you legally start selling your CE marked toys.

Your Technical File should be considered a ‘live’ document, which you update and continually improve on or adapt. If you create variations of design or material, you need to document and test this, as well as having full traceability documented for any toy outcomes sold. We’ve included a full section about Quality Assurance and Manufacturing, which cover areas relevant to makers who are already well versed in CE marking Soft Toys. The CE Marking Guide is up to date and stems from years of supporting makers and answering frequently asked questions, as well as not so common questions.  

The main section categories within the CE Marking Guide are as follows…

Each is split into further sub-sections and topics. Further sub-sections are fully outlined in the preview and outline version you’ll receive in the meantime, once you’ve pre-ordered.

1. Introduction to CE Marking
2. Toy Safety Directives
3. Self-Certifying your own Toy Prototypes
4. Due Diligence
5. Testing Checklists
6. Technical File
7. Declaration of Conformity
8. CE Mark
9. Labelling
10. Developing Toy Prototypes
11. EN71-1: Mechanical & Physical Properties
12. EN71-2: Flammability
13. EN71-3: Migration of Certain Elements
14. What if your toy prototype fails?
15. Quality Assurance & Manufacturing
16. Additional Resources, Help & Information

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the CE Marking Guide and CE Mark-along course being purely digital products, refunds are not possible as you receive the content immediately after purchase, so due to the nature of the digital content no refunds are given.

What do I need to get started?

Once purchased you’ll be emailed a link to download the guide. For those that pre-order the CE Mark-along course, you’ll be notified prior to the course starting and in order to gain access to course content.

You need an internet connection (which you have as you’re here!). You’ll need to either view the guide on screen or print it out. The checklists and templates you can fill in on screen and then print out to create your overall documentation and Technical File.  

The CE Marking Guide covers the equipment you will need for self-verification testing of EN71-1 and EN71-2. If you’re a member of the website you can access the forum and facebook group to get further peer support and guidance.  


Bundle of CE Marking Guide and CE Mark-along Course

Purchase the CE Marking Guide + CE Mark-along Course bundle ~ £100

We’ll also be introducing a CE Mark-along Course during the Summer. You can reserve your place on this course with a bundle offering alongside the CE Marking Guide. The CE Mark-along course last 8 weeks, including 2 catch up implementation weeks at the middle and end.


>> Order the CE Marking Guide + CE Mark-along Course Now for £100

The CE Mark-along Course covers a lot of the same content as the the CE Marking Guide, except it does so in a more action orientated way and cross over  between the two has been intentionally built in. The first 3 weeks focus on learning CE in depth and developing a toy prototype, there’s a 1 week catch up and implementation week, then a further 3 weeks focusing on carrying out testing & completing your paperwork.

This is a self-study course, but it’s designed so that members of the website can support each other during the CE Marking process and journey in an actionable format. The format of the course is self-study and ‘evergreen’, which means the content continues to be relevant past initial publication. Members who take part in the course can also repeat it for additional toy designs or can start the course at any time.

The course is delivered via a mix of email and weekly lessons and posts on the website. You’ll need to be a member of the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective website to take part in the CE Mark-along as it’s linked with various resources, as well as the Forum and Facebook group.


CE Mark-along Course Overview:

1 – Basic Introduction to Standards and Due Diligence
2 – Using Your CE Pack
3 – Design with Standards in Mind
4 – Implementation & catch up week
5 – Testing Your Toy Prototype
6 – Writing Your Documentation
7 – Manufacturing Working & QA, plus marking additional designs
8 – Conclusion & Wrap up, further Implementation and catch up

There will also be 1-2 Q&A sessions, but these will be scheduled when the course begins.



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At the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective we have different memberships levels to suit. You can purchase the CE Marking Guide without being a member, but if you want to be able to purchase material test results, you’ll need at least a Basic membership level. Most members opt for Community level Membership however due to the added support, community feel and peer group it encompasses.

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